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Aussan Natural- Naturally Safe Cleaning Products For The Nursery (Review & Giveaway Ends 3/2)

Aussan Natural

Harmful Effects Of Toxic Household Cleaning Products

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American home contains 63 regularly purchased hazardous chemical products, so it’s no surprise the American Association of Poison Control Centers reports “Every 7 minutes a child in America is taken to an emergency room for poisoning from household cleaning products”. However, even if you are the most cautious parent, keeping toxic cleaning products locked up and out of reach does not mean your children are safe. Toxic chemicals can enter the body in three ways- ingestion, inhalation or by contact with the skin or eyes. Young children are especially vulnerable because everything goes in their mouths, and they virtually live on the floor. Children are also more sensitive because they are still developing the basic body systems: the brain, internal organs, respiratory and immune systems are not fully developed until adolescence.

A Safer Alternative

Over the past 12 years Aussan Laboratories has been researching safer alternatives to chemical cleaners with the goal of developing a line of plant-based products that would work just as well as traditional cleaners, without the toxic side effects. As a result, Aussan Natural  products were created to not only change the way people clean, but positively impact the way they live!

Aussan Natural offers a complete line of botanical, non-toxic cleaners and odor eliminators that are 100% natural, and developed to make everyday chores easier without compromising what’s important- the health and safety of people, pets, waterways and our environment.

My Experience

The first thing that impressed me when I visited the Aussan Natural website was the large selection of natural cleaning products available. No matter what you need to clean, chances are Aussan Natural has come up with a way for you to get the job done without the use of toxic chemicals! You’ll find natural cleaning products for your home, nursery, car, boat, pets, sports activities- you name it!

I had the opportunity to review the Nursery Odor Eliminator, Nursery All-Purpose Cleaner, and Fruit and Vegetable Wash, here are my results…

Aussan Natural

Nursery Odor Eliminator- As a  mom to a one year old, and home childcare provider, I deal with my fair share of stinkies, so I was excited to give the Nursery Odor Eliminator a try! I’d pretty much given up on air fresheners because the “regular” ones are highly toxic, and the “natural” ones I’ve tried just combined their scent with the foul odor, leaving me with the aroma of “poop n lavender”, or something to that effect. I was hopeful that the Aussan Natural Odor Eliminator would provide better results, but I certainly wasn’t holding my breath!

Shortly after my box of Aussan Natural products arrived, my one year old presented me with the opportunity to put the Nursery Odor Eliminator to the test. After changing her diaper, I sprayed a few squirts of the Nursery Odor Eliminator into the air and voila! The odor was completely gone! At first all I could smell was the pleasant scent of the air freshener, but it quickly neutralized the odor leaving behind no scent at all. I’ve continued to use the odor eliminator on a daily basis to battle all kinds of stinkies, and I’m thrilled I’ve finally found a natural air freshener that gets the job done. The Nursery Odor Eliminator is $7.99 for a 16 oz. bottle, and since a little goes a long way I consider it a great value.

Nursery All-Purpose Cleaner- When choosing a cleaner to use for your little ones toys and the surfaces they lay, eat or play on, it needs to be so safe you could eat it. Little ones put everything in their mouth, and whatever cleaner you use ends up in their mouth as well! The nice thing about the Aussan Natural Nursery All-Purpose Cleaner, is that it has been specifically designed with your little one’s safety in mind. Aussan Natural’s gentle botanical ingredients allow moms to naturally clean everything that little hands touch, without worrying about ingredients that can be harmful to little ones. But no matter how safe a natural cleaner is, there’s no point in using it unless it actually works.

Ready to put this cleaner to the test, I looked around and noticed our Castle Marble Works toy was a bit dusty. I wiped it down with the Nursery All-Purpose Cleaner, and since they say a picture’s worth a thousand words, I’ll let you determine the results for yourself…

Aussan Natural Review

Before (It's kind of hard to see the dust)

Aussan Natural Review

After (Now you can see the dust, holy cow!)

Curious to see what would happen if I wiped down something “clean”, I  sprayed some of the Nursery All-Purpose Cleaner on our bead table, and was once again shocked with what I saw…

Aussan Natural Review

Before (Didn't even look dirty)


Aussan Natural Review


Let me add that I am a total clean freak, so this experience was huge for me! I have since gone on to clean all of our other toys, and take comfort in knowing that they are not only free of dirt, but also free of toxic chemicals. However, dirt isn’t the only thing this all-purpose cleaner is good for! Our 16 month old recently colored all over her big sister’s desk with dark purple crayon and I thought it was going to be a nightmare to remove. This was the perfect chance to really put the Aussan Natural Nursery All-Purpose Cleaner to the test. I honestly didn’t think anything “natural” would remove crayon without a lot of additional elbow grease, but it wiped off with no effort at all!

Aussan Natural Review



Aussan Natural Review


The Aussan Natural Nursery All-Purpose Cleaner is one of the most effective natural cleaning products I’ve tried! I like to make a lot of my own cleaning products, but it’s definitely worth it to have a bottle of the this on hand.

Bottom Line: Aussan Natural Nursery All-Purpose Cleaner $7.99, knowing your little ones aren’t being exposed to harmful chemicals- priceless!

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wash- The Aussan Natural Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wash is a 100% natural, food grade formula that effectively removes dirt and pesticide residue from fresh produce. Since we buy mostly organic produce, I never really thought it was necessary to use a fruit and veggie wash. I’ve always just rinsed our produce off with water without thinking twice about it. When  I received the Aussan Natural Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wash I curious to see if it really made a difference, so I pulled a couple apples out of the fridge that I’d previously washed with water, sprayed them and then let them sit as directed. After a couple of minutes I rinsed the apples in the sink, and while they didn’t appear to be any cleaner than they already were, they did “feel” cleaner, if that makes sense.

Aussan Natural Review

If you buy non-organic produce I highly recommend using the Aussan Natural Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Wash to help remove the pesticide residue from your fresh fruits & veggies. Even organic produce gets touched my many hands inbetween the farm and grocery store, so at just $6.99 for a 16 oz. bottle, this fruit and veggie wash is a smart buy!

After reviewing all three products with amazing results, I’m excited to try some of the other natural cleaning products Aussan Natural has to offer! My only suggestions for improvement would be finding an alternative to using plastic spray bottles and offering more concentrated formulas to avoid shipping around excess water that can can be easily added by the end consumer. 

*Aussan Natural offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders $30.00 or more!

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Enter To Win!

Aussan Natural has generously offered to giveaway a set of Nursery Odor Eliminator, Nursery All-Purpose Cleaner & Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wash to one lucky eco-crazy reader! Enter to win using the easy Rafflecopter form below!!

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Disclosure: I received 3 Aussan Natural products in exchange for writing this review. No other form of compensation was received, and all opinions are 100% honest and purely my own.

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