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How To Make A Pizza Box Solar Cooker

The boys are at camp this week, so I decided to whip up a fun “camp like” activity to give the girls something to do. Today we make a simple pizza box solar cooker and used it to make some most delicious s’mores!

How To Make A Pizza Box Solar Cooker


Pizza Box, aluminum foil, black construction paper, clear plastic wrap, scissors, tape, pencil, sheet of notebook paper, wooden dowel or stick, plate or pie tin.

To Do:

1. Close the box and lay a piece of notebook paper on the center of the lid, then trace the paper using a pencil. Cut along 3 lines of the rectangle you traced on the box, leaving the 4th side near the area where the box opens un-cut. This will create a flap that opens in the lid of the pizza box. pizza box solar cooker


2. Cut a piece of plastic wrap that is a bit larger than the open square under the flap on the top of the pizza box. Stretch plastic wrap across the opening and secure with tape on all four sides. (See picture above)

3. Open the box and cover the bottom and sides with aluminum foil, shiney side up and attach with tape if needed.Pizza Box Solar Cooker

4. Place a piece of black construction paper on top of the foil on the bottom of the box and tape in place.Pizza Box Solar Cooker

5. Put a plate or pie tin containing your ingredients on top of black construction paper in box. (We made s’mores, but there are many other things you could make!)Pizza Box Solar Cooker

6. Close the box top and use dowel or stick to prop open the flap.s'mores in solar cooker


7. Yay! Now you are ready to start cooking! Place your pizza box solar cooker in a sunny location outside and make sure the foil covered flap is facing the sun.

8. Check on your cooker every 15 min. until your treats are ready!S'mores In Solar Cooker

9. Enjoy!Child Eating S'mores

This simple activity is not just eco-friendly, it was also a great way to teach the kidlets about the power of solar energy. I believe that when children learn about solar energy, they will be in a better position to make the right energy choices when they are raising a family of their own. While we were waiting for our smores to “cook” we scoured the internet and learned all kinds of fun facts about the sun & the incredible amount of energy it has the power to produce. Did you know the sun gives off more energy in one second, than people have used from the beginning of time? Wow!

Here  is one of  our favorite websites about solar energy, it’s filled with neat facts and many other cool solar learning projects that you can do with your kidlets. Be sure to check back to see what other fun solar energy projects we decide to try, I know my son is going to flip over the solar powered robot!

If you decide to try this fun project, please share your yummy solar cooker recipes with us!

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  1. So excited to try this! We’ve got pizza boxes ready and waiting. Marshmallows ready too ;)

  2. Okay, so now I need to get pizza for the family. My kids would so love this project.

  3. Lol, this is too cute and now I wants some smores! Lol!

    Keep up the great job momma!

    Stopping by from the Blog It Forward Blog Hop!



  4. Catherine S says:

    How fun!!! Wish Hurricane Irene wasn’t coming through this weekend or we’d try it!

  5. Amy Orvin says:

    Thanks for the instructions on how to make this. That’s pretty cool.

  6. That decides it! This is a pizza night, and tomorrow I’ll go get some s’more fixin’s. :) Any suggestions for brands of chocolate? I’m foregoing Hershey’s until they clean up their act with the child labor issue, and I’m foregoing all Mars chocolate (including M&M’s and Dove) until they pull their sponsorship from The Client List, or until I hear that TCL is making any attempt to show viewers that whores should not be expected in the massage industry.

  7. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    How fun! I will get my boys to try this with me!

  8. Michelle F. says:

    very cool project


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